The company

Founded in April 2010 Picoloto has its own headquarters and is located in the city of Caçador-SC.

We started our journey with a focus on performing machining services, precision boilermaking, assembly and development of small projects aimed at the industrial area, covering a mix of sectors such as wood, plastic, paper, pulp, etc.

Over the years, the opportunity arose to venture into new projects, mainly serving the plywood industry, where the company had a major internal change, specializing and improving its professionals in both the administrative, technical and mainly productive sectors, as well as changes in its internal layout and expansion of its industrial park with the acquisition of modern equipment, everything to support its new challenge.

We have developed great partnerships, and conquered customers with our innovative ideas, having robust machines with high quality and large production, a philosophy adopted by us today.

We have a complete line of machines for the manufacture of plywood sheets, we also work in the area of ​​drying sheets, delivering the final product to our customers with excellence.

We are proud of what we do, and we want to do much more for our customers, generating wealth and bringing great results, which makes us increasingly committed to our products.

Our mission

Develop, build and market quality machinery and equipment, providing optimized solutions for our customers, as well as metal mechanic services, always striving for safety.

Our vision

Become a national leader in the mechanical metal segment, serving and winning clients from the most diverse sectors of the national market, having a staff of qualified professionals.

Our values

Picoloto Mechanical Industry, to coexist in the ever-changing market, uses the following principles and values: Moral and Ethical - Respect for the Customer (human being) - Eco Social Responsibility - Continuous Quality - Commitment - Transparency - Punctuality - Reliability.